Parvaneh Radmard


Post graduate study in painting at Camden College, England, and printmaking at York
University, Toronto. Graduate of the University of Fine Arts in Painting and Graphic
Arts, Tehran, Iran. Participated in numerous solo and group exhibition in Toronto, such
as Red Head, Gallery 44, Aspace and Gallery 76 (OCAD). The Grimsby public Gallery and
Station Gallery,Ontario. National Museum of Women in Arts, Washington DC, and ARC Gallery
Chicago, USA. Participated in international Biennial of Prints in Europe, South America
and Asia. Awarded Medal of Honour, Poland.

Public Cllection & Awards: National Gallery of Canada, National Museum of Women in Arts,
USA, Canada Council Art Bank, The museum of International Contemporary Arts, Bahia, Brazil.

Curriculum Vitae

Postgraduate independent study in Printmaking at York University, Toronto. ON.
Postgraduate study in Painting at Capilano College, Vancouver, BC.
Postgraduate study in Painting at Camdon College, London, England.
Graduate of University of Fine Arts in Graphic Arts and Design, Tehran, Iran.
Graduate of School of Fine Arts in Painting, Tehran, Iran.


2018   University of Toronto, Toronto, ON. Art work collection.
2010 Art Metropole, Toronto, ON.
2007 Art Metropole, Toronto, ON.
2005 Visual Arts Ontario, Exhibition Assistance Grant.
2004 Unicef.
2001 Art Text artist's books, Montreal, Quebec.
2000 Art Gallery of Ontario, Library and Archives, Toronto, ON.
2000 Art Metropole, Toronto, ON.
2000 Ontario Art Council, Assistance Grant.
1999 National Library of Canada, Otawa.
1998 National Museum of Women in Arts Washington, DC. US.
1997 Art Gallery of Ontario, Library and Archives, Toronto, ON.
1995 Art Text artist's book, Montreal, Quebec.
1992 Ontario Art Council,Mid Carrier Project Grant, Toronto, ON.
1992 Visual Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grant.
1992 The Art Council Bank of Canada, Collection.
1991 Awarded the Prize & Medal of Honor, Bienal of Graphic Arts, Lubin, Polan.
1989 Ontario Art Council, Project Grant, Toronto, ON.
1987 The Art Council Bank of Canada, Collection.
1987 The Museum of International Contemporary Art, Salvadore, Bahia, Brazil, Collection


1999   "Another Birth" the poetry, illustrated and designed.
1997 "Night Perception" a political book in women's rights issue,illustration & design.


2017   "Another Birth" Contact Photography Festival, Art Metropole, Toronto, ON.
2012 "UPRISE" Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2010 City Hall, Toronto, ON.
2010 "Candian Heroes" Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2006 "Reminiscence" AWOL Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2005 Contact Photography Festival, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2004 Arts & Cultural Conference, Chicago, US.
2004 New Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2003 Fly Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2001 The Grimsby public Art Gallery, organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario artists
with Their Works program, Grimsby, ON.
1996 Art Technology Gallery, Montreal, Quebec.
1994 Workscene Gallery, Toronto, ON.
1993 A Space Gallery, Toronto, ON.
1990 Gallery 76 (Ontario College of Art and Design), Toronto, ON.
1989 Malaspina Gallery, Vancouver, BC.
1986 Open Studio, Toronto, ON.
1986 Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, ON.


2015   Trinity Square Video, Toronto, ON.
2012 Malton Gallery, Pearson Airport Terminal One, Toronto, ON.
2012 Nuit Blanche, Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2011 Circular Gallery, Montreal, Quebec.
2010 Nuit Blanche, Red Head Gallery, Toronto, On. Group show.
2009 Nuit Blanche, Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON. Group show.
2008 Nuit Blanche, Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON. Group show.
2007 Contact Festival of photography, Open Studio, Toronto, ON.
2004 "Endless Journey" Open Studio, Toronto, ON.
2004 "Cllection" Gallery 44, Toronto, ON.
2002 "Piece Progect" ARC Gallery, Chicago, US.
2002 The Bookmark project, Koffler Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2000 "The Multiple Image" Station Gallery, Artists with Their program organizes by Art
Gallery of Ontario, Whitby, ON.
2000 "Another Birth" display of Artwork, Pages Book Store, Toronto, ON.
1996 The John & Able Ridling Museom of Art, "embded Metaphor, FL, US.
1996 International Biennial of Prints, Quebec City, Quebec.
1996 Atelier Circular, Montreal, Quebec.
1995 The University of Western, London, ON.
1994 Workscene Gallery, (coordinator & paticipant) Toronto, ON.
1993 A Space Gallery, "Birth Tale" Exhibition, Toronto, ON.
1991-2 Traveling exhibition, Art Gallery on Cambridge, Station Gallery, Glen Hurst
Gallery, Brant Gallery & Etobicoke City Hall, ON.
1991 Decordova Museum & Sculpture Park, International Prints competion, Boston, US.
1991 The University Museum, University of Mississippi, US.
1991 Traveling Exhibition, Humberside International Prints Competition, Ferns Art
Gallery, England.
1991 Withworth Gallery, University of Manchester & Art, Council of Belfast, Ireland.
1991 Graphic Art International Prints competition, Lubin, Poland.
1991 Exhibition Gallery, Public Room jury Exhibition Print & Drawing Council,
Toronto, ON.
1990 The International Prints Biennial, Urawa, Japan.
1989 The International Prints exhibition, Cadasques, Barcelona, Apain.
1988 International Exhibition of Prints, Museum of Modern Arts, Bahia, Brazil.
1988 International Biennial of prints, Museum of Modern Arts, Taipei, Taiwan.
1983-4 ID Art Gallery of Faculty of Fine Arts, York University, Toronto, ON.
1983 The Samuel J. Zaks Gallery, Stong College, York University, Toronto, ON.
1980-1 Capilano College, Vancouver, BC.
1980 West Vancouver Gallery, West Vancouver, BC.


2012   "UPRISE" TV Pars-California, Mihan-Arizona, Radio Koocheh-Wasshingtone DC, US.
TV Daricheh and Shahrvand Publication, Toronto, ON.
2009 "Canadian Heroes" Iran Star Publication, Toronto, ON.
2009 "Canadian Heroes" Shahrvand Publication, Toronto, ON.
2006 "The Gate of Knowledge" Shahrvand Publication, Torono, ON.
2005 "Reminisces" Shahrvand Publication, Toronto, ON.
2002 "Piece Project" Exhibition Catalogue, essay by Margaret Olin Art Historian.
Chicago, US.
2002 "Tight Fit & Fantasy" by Tamara Pasztor, World of Art International Contemporary
Art magazine.
2000 "The Multiple Image" Exhibition Catalogue, essay by Liz Wylie, The Station
Gallery, Whitby, ON.
2000 "Life is Color" exhibition catalogue, essay by Rhona Wenger & Alisa Cunning
Grimsby, ON.
2000 "For the Birds" Oshawa Weekly Magasine, Oshawa, ON.
2000 Art Gallery to feature work of Parvaneh Radmard" Rannie Publication, Grimsby, ON.
2000 "Unity" Shahrvand Publication, Toronto, ON.
1998 "Spritual Value" Fire Weed a Canadiad Feminist Publication, Toronto, ON.
1998 "NightPerception" Matriart a Canadian art journal, Toronto, ON.
1996 "The Face" Exhibition at York Quay Gallery, ID Magazine, Toronto, ON.
1993 "A Space Probes Iran's Glory & Gloom" by Deridre Hanna, Now Magazine, Toronto, ON.
1993 "Homeland & Histories" by Lynn Fernie, Parallelogram Magazine, Toronto, ON.
1991 "Public Room" Open Studio Catalogue Twentieth annivesary, essay by Liz Wylie,
Toronto, ON.
1991 "Artist Profile" Matriart, Canadian art journal, Toronto, ON.
1991 "Violence Against Women" canadian Women Studies Cover design, Toronto, ON.
1991 "Art work" Fire Weed, Canadian Feminist Publication, Toronto, ON.
1990 "Toronto's Many Faces" Catalogue by Tony Ruprecht, Toronto, ON.
1989 The International Wood Block Prints exhibition, Catalogue, Urawa, Japan.
1989 The International Prints Competition, Catalogue, Cadaques, Spain.
1987 International Biennial of Prints' Catalogue, The Museum of Modern Arts, Taiwan.


1990 to present, Freelance Graphic Designer, Vanguard Graphic Arts&Design, Toronto, ON.
2007-9 Artist member of Red Head collective Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2004 Jury member of The Grants for Visual Artists, Toronto Art Council, ON.
2001 Jury member of Thr Awards Grants for Visual Artists, Toronto, ON.
1997 Member of curatorial & programming committee for Asian Arts, Gallery 44 &
University of Toronto, On.
1992-4 Member & member of Curatorial Committee, Workscene Gallery, Toronto, ON.
1989-4 Member of curatorial committee, Open Studio, Toronto, ON.
1993 Selected for jury Assistance Exhibition Grants, Visual Arts Ontario, Toronto, ON.
1992-3 Board member of curatorial & programming committee, A Space Gallery, Toronto, ON.
1986-7 Volunteer at Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON.
1995 to present, Art Critic & writer for the Community Publication,Toronto, ON &
Vancouver, BC.
1982 to present, Member of Open Studio, Toronto, ON.


2001-7 Central Montessori School, Toronto, ON.
2003 Maxwell International School, Victoria, British Col0mbia.
2000 Station Gallery, Whitby, ON.
2000 Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby, ON.


2005   Women's Inter Cultural Network The special display of Artwork for celebrates
"Person Day",Honouring photojournalist ZAHRA KAZEMI, Central Library on North York,
Toronto, ON.
2005 Massy Hall "Unity" The special display (interior designer).
2003 IDRF the special display of Artwork "Peace & Unity", Toronto, ON.
1992-4 Royal Ontario Museum, conjunction with Persian & Islamic Arts Exhibition.
(interior designer), Toronto, ON.
1990 Hart House, University of Toronto, "New Day" The special display
(interior designer), Toronto, ON.
1987 Premier Dance Theater, Harbour Front, Stage Designer, Toronto, ON.